Woodside North RankinSelf-Lubricating Bearing for Bridge Applications

Bridges are subjected to significant stresses from temperature changes, dead and live loads, and wind. Controlling these stresses by allowing controlled movement is a crucial job performed by self-lubricating bearings. Lubrite Industries has been providing self-lubricating bearings for over 80 years. Our Bearings use a low coefficient of friction lubricant capable of withstanding heavy static loads over long periods of time. Lubrite bearings offer ease of installation, and operation, and have been proven to outlast the bridge itself in many installations.

Relieving Stresses in Bridge Bearing Applications with Lubrite Bearings

Lubrite self-lubricating bearings are designed to relieve stress in all types of bridge bearing applications. Our custom-engineered bearings allow for controlled movement to minimize stress on bridge components. With the use of low-friction lubricant, our bearings are capable of withstanding heavy static loads over extended periods of time. Our self-lubricating bearings are easy to install and maintain, providing an economical and reliable solution for bridge bearing applications.

Contact us or visit our Bridge Bearing page to learn more about our custom-engineered self-lubricating bearings. Our experts are happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements in greater detail. Choose Lubrite Industries for your next bridge bearing project.