Woodside North RankinOffshore oil production facilities are some of the most challenging structures to build in the world. Often far removed from the nearest landmass, offshore sites must be able to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions, including high winds and salt water. At Lubrite® Technologies, we have long been involved with the offshore oil and gas industry. Our self-lubricated bearings provide low maintenance solutions for dry and wet conditions, and we work with materials that minimize corrosion in even the most hostile environments.

Our history and reputation in the industry made us a perfect candidate to provide bearings for the North Rankin Complex (NRC). The NRC is 85 miles off the coast of Karratha, Australia. This project is comprised of two platforms, the North Rankin A (NRA) and the North Rankin B (NRB). The NRA has served as an important source for offshore gas production since it was originally commissioned in 1984. It stands 215 meters tall, weighs 54,000 tons, and was designed to withstand cyclonic conditions. The NRB was even more ambitious; coming in at 274 meters tall and weighing 65,000 tons, it was the largest offshore gas installation ever to be completed in open water. After the completion of the NRB, both platforms were connected by two 100 meter bridges, making each platform operate together as a single, fully-integrated facility.

The bridges linking these structures rely on specialized bearings that accommodate movement in these enormous platforms. We customized our Lubrite® Spherical Assemblies to handle the heavy loads and harsh conditions of this site. With our vast experience providing bearings for this industry, we were able to fulfill our customer’s exact requirements and specifications within the specified timeframe. The full redevelopment of the NRC was completed in time for start-up in October of 2013. It now produces up to 60,000 tons of gas per day, all of which is exported to the Karratha Gas Plant onshore.

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