The world leader in the self-lubricating bearing market, we manufacture self-lubricating bushings, washers and expansion plates. Lubrite® bearings are used to support medium to heavy loads operating at slow to medium speeds in a variety of applications, such as: bridges, hydroelectric facilities, nuclear facilities, offshore drilling equipment and many more. Our bearings are maintenance free, require no supplemental lubrication and are designed to work in both wet and dry applications while offering a low coefficient of friction. Lubrite® products can be found where long term, trouble free performance is a must.

  • Founded in 1897 in Boston, MA
  • Engineering, Sales, and Research & Development Located in Hanover, MA
  • Manufacturing Located in Meadville, PA


The bearing system consists of three basic components, a metallic base, a solid thick film lubricant, and a mating surface. The lubricant layer may be a compound, woven fiber, or composite. No supplemental lubrication such as oil or grease is required for the life of the bearing. In many applications, the bearing life is capable of maintenance free operation for the life of the equipment utilizing it.

The mechanism of this system is to transfer lubricant under load and motion during initial operation into the asperities of the mating surface thus forming a solid thick film. Once effected, this layer of lubrication will provide for a lubricious performance long lasting life.

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